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My favorite shop. Kelly introduced me to the essential oils that has made such a difference in looking after my health. I bought a book "Life Loves You" from Kelly and it changed my life. And of course the Selenite wand has changed the energy of my home

Shireen Silvaa

This is my favorite candle shop. Kelly has the best customer service ever and she knows exactly what you want. She's so caring and loving personality. Always encouraging and hard working. I am so due for my candle shopping Kelly

Ranjila Gounder

Absolutely Love this store. I can't wait to visit again!

Freckles Hayley

Love your work Kelly. It is my pleasure to have met you and your lovely Mum

Deanna Murray

Highly Recommend All of Kelly’s products are of high quality and value. Her service is excellent. She is also very knowledgeable and loves to pass her knowledge onto others.

Suzi Wesley

Kelly is the best ever, just tell her what smell you're going for to light up your home or workplace and she delivers. Used her products numerous times and they are amazing!!! love the fragrance.

Warda Shayan Sheikh

Everything starts and finishes with Kelly who is a beautiful generous soul. All her products are top notch, thoughtful, beautifully presented and most of all come from a place of genuine care. Without a doubt highly recommended and a great small business success story that is only getting better with every passing year

Michael Finn

I am truly blessed to have met Kelly. It was always a pleasant experience whenever I visited her store. Her amazing nature, wonderful words of wisdom, and beautiful skincare products, always had me returning for more. Not only was I a customer, but I have made a friend for life too.

Nicolina Materia

my family have been purchasing beautiful crystals and products from kelly for the last six months . everything is great quality amd packaged beautifully. kelly is very knowledgable about her crystals and always has some great advice to hand.

Michelle Yates

Kelly is an amazing, kind and spirited lady and has a wealth of knowledge in all aspects of the holistic approach. Kelly's products are top quality and you won't be disappointed with any of Kelly's products! You will also be able to find that special present for someone who is hard to buy for. 🙌🙏

Jude West

Kelly’s service and products are AMAZING. She has hand delivered one of my orders to my house.

Jana Goldstein

I met Kelly at her Pt Cook shop only 6 mths ago and we connected immediately. She's a beautiful being who has much wisdom and love to give and happily gives of her time to everyone she comes into contact with. Her passion for the spiritual reignited mine and she has been a wonderful source of information, advice and guidance. Love the many products she sells and was always able to find something 'special' for gifts and myself!

When you purchase something from Kelly or just browse her store/chat with her, you leave with much more than just your purchase or chat - she has a 'knowing' and a 'positive vibe' that leaves you feeling good about yourself and the world around you. Look forward to seeing 'what comes next' for Kelly - her light is expanding ever brighter! NAMASTE LOVELY LADY! XXXX

Dianne Cunningham

Kelly has this beautiful warm aura and the mentoring she has given me over the years has helped me grow. Kelly has the most generous and big loving heart. Truly blessed our paths crossed

Teresa Bolden

Kelly is one of the most dedicated hardworking people I’ve met. Her business success is purely due to her knowledge of products and dedication, commitment and love for what she creates

Susanna Terbeek

It was such a pleasure to deal with Kelly. she was super helpful with suggestions when I had no idea what to get for some thank you gifts. Kelly made up a special candle order with limited time and no fuss.We were really happy with the colors and the scents she chose. Our customers were very happy with the gifts. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend KAW to anyone in the future. Nicky. 🙏

Nicky Teese

Kelly, call her amazing. An abundance of positivity and beautiful energy. Thank you for the encouragement to find my way and change my mindset for success in attaining happiness and control in my life

Sarah Thompson

Was so lovely to connect with Kelly, so open, giving, earthy & spiritual. Great help in choosing the perfect gift for another or oneself.Thank you!

Debrah Joy

Ive been going through every shop this week and looking for a specific brand and flavour for a lip balm for the past week and couldn’t find any in store and so I decided to try online calling every available website then i found and contacted Kelly’s Angel Wings.

At first I ask that if they had the product I’m looking for and told her that i needed it in 2 days as my friend is leaving the country for a year but sadly she didn’t have it, Then she told me to call back in a bit and see if she can work her angel magic to get it in stock for me.

Not even a day and she got the product I’ve been looking for. Now here I am extremely satisfied and leaving a review on how fantastic the people and the business.

I will definitely be a regular customer. Highly recommend if your new to the shop or shopping online.

Migee Roy

What an amazing shop!!!! Kelly's energy is so delightful & warm, such a gorgeous soul. I was drawn into her shop as we were driving past and I was not disappointed at all. She has the most gorgeous stock that makes for the perfect gift or just to treat yourself. My son was adamant he wanted to come in as well and she was so inviting towards him.

He got to try some of her lovely cream and even walked away with a "special crystal" in toe. Thank you for such a peaceful shopping experience Kelly, we will definitely be back!

Kristy Burkinshaw

I talked to Kelly for about an hour she is spot on. The shop is amazing warm and welcoming the feeling is so calming.... Kelly I took your advise and changed the entrance of my home put my mothers day present gerberas a photo of my daughter and me on a pedestal. Will be back soon for a visit and to buy more gifts for ME..

Debra Aston

Thank you Kelly for the prompt delivery of your satin smooth nourishing cream. It is one of my favourite amongst your many natural products. I also used the exfoliating scrub as you recommended and my skin feels beautifully soft and smooth. Your products are of high quality and your advise is appreciated

Tina Krstevski